Payoff Odds

Payoff: Based on a $2 wager. Includes profit and return of wager. Odds Payoff Odds Payoff Odds Payoff 1-9 $2.20 3-1 $8.00 15-1 $32.00 1-5 $2.40 7-2 $9.00 16-1 $34.00 2-5 $2.80 4-1 $10.00 17-1 $36.00 1-2 $3.00 9-2 $11.00 18-1 $38.00 3-5 $3.20 5-1 $12.00 19-1 $40.00 4-5 $3.60 6-1 $14.00 20-1 $42.00 1-1 […]

Wager Terms

A   B    C    D    E    F   G   H   I     J   K   L   M   N   O   P    R   S   T  U   V    W A Accountant A term used by some players for bookmaker, i.e., bookie.AceUsed to describe a person who is trustworthy. AFC An acronym for the American Football Conference in the […]

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Live Betting Rules

Content:  Football Baseball  Soccer Tennis Golf Cricket   Football Live Betting Rules 1. All wagers that are placed for the result of the entire game shall include overtime unless otherwise stated. 2. 4th quarter wagers shall include overtime unless otherwise stated. 3. Drive Betting: Wagers may be offered on the result of “Drives” during an […]


New to betting? Keep reading to know all you need about Teaser Bets.  A Teaser is a bet on two or more teams or selections. The difference between a teaser and a parlay is that in a teaser you adjust (tease) the line in your favor.  For example: If New England Patriots are favored by […]

Triple Crown History

The Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing is comprised of three races – the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes – for three-year-old thoroughbred horses. Winning all three races is an incredibly difficult task and considered to be the greatest accomplishment a thoroughbred racehorse can achieve. It has been especially difficult to accomplish in recent […]

Breeder’s Cup

If you’re a horse racing ‘hardcore’ you already know that the Breeders’ Cup is the biggest racing weekend of the year. You also know that the best place to bet the biggest horse racing event is You’ll find a full menu of betting options for every Breeders’ Cup race as well as daily racing […]

Belmont Stakes

Whether you’re betting one of the major Grade 1 events of the year such as the Belmont Stakes or playing the daily racing card from a smaller track you’ll find plenty of action at racebook. We go far beyond the big races and bring you action from all major tracks in North America and […]

Preakness Stakes

Horse racing is great because there’s always plenty of action on the board. Whether it’s a big race like the Preakness Stakes or a daily card at one of the many racetracks across the country, there’s always excitement to be found. At, we offer an international menu of equine action covering all of the […]

Kentucky Derby

Horse racing is a century or so removed from it’s once lofty status as the ‘Sport of Kings’ but the Kentucky Derby endures. The first Kentucky Derby was run in 1875 and has been contested every year since. Even a couple of World Wars failed to interrupt the Derby’s run making it one of the […]